IT Outsourcing

We offer companies complete range of IT services. Pay your attention to other problems and let us take care of:

  • Information and communication technologies administration
  • HW and SW supply including installation
  • Server administration
  • Distance network administration
  • System imlepmetation
  • Consultants and specialists advisory services

Software development

The company is dealing with development of tailor-made application software focusing on all customers’ satisfaction, particularly those looking for a non-standard solution or those demanding a highly specific solution. Development is managed by internal methodical rules and regulations and all the common necessary principles of data protection are being fulfilled.

  • Project proposal and project management
  • Customers’ needs analysis
  • Management of project documentation
  • Proposal, development and support of IT system
  • Creation of active web presentation
  • Analysis and proposal of client data protection
  • Systems implementation
  • Server configuration
  • Setting up of the backup systems ( redundant disk array, UPS)
  • Customer support and further application development possible

The following tools are being used for development:

  • Nette Framework
  • Doctrine
  • PHPUnit
  • Selenium
  • GIT
  • jQuery

Business process analysis

The organization aims to help customers with the solution of complicated business processes. We are able to deal with the following studies:

  • Feasibility study
  • Market research
  • Price analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Recruitment services
  • Technical interpreting and translations - Czech/Slovak/Spanish/English

Safety tests

Safety tests especially of penetration character, stimulating attempt to discredit the IT system with aim of finding out what damages could emerge or what information could leak. The set of information tests will answer you a question how vulnerable your systems really are. We provide you with sophisticated and precise control of your systems both form the external and internal perspectives. We always look into the matter from a potential attacker view. Our profession is to circumvent the security and to seek for the imperfections using professional and ethical attitude indeed.

The main benefits safety tests bring:

  • Potential vulnerability identification together with the plan for their elimination
  • The verification of the contemporary safety measures
  • The evaluation of the extent to which your systems are vulnerable from both external and internal environment
  • Providing the evidence of how the vulnerability could be use to discredit the system
  • A calculation of probability of the IT system discredit
  • The effectiveness of active secure systems evaluation (i.e. IDS, IPS or IT staff reaction evaluation)
  • The verification of your systems being properly secured


DH System Ltd.
Registered office: Bochorakova 7, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Company information

  • Company No: 28288149, VAT No: CZ28288149
  • Place of registration: Brno, Czech Republic

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